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Frequently asked questions

Q: What, exactly, do you do?

A: DSS is the accumulation of the companies, projects and concepts that have been designed and are currently being developed (or are currently in the development queue).  We are developers, engineers, pneumatic importers, consultants who have formed separate companies to do what we all do best!


Q: I have the most brilliant idea in this history of brilliant ideas, but I need assistance to make it into a real product.  Can you help and what's to stop you stealing my idea?

A: We would love to be a part of your company, and, for those who are looking to protect their ideas and intellectual property, we are more than willing to sign non-disclosure agreements before discussing any concepts or seeing any designs.


Q: My idea is formed and I've done everything to get the company up and going, but now I simply need a software program to run my business, but I am not interested in any new partners into the business.  Can you help me?

A: Yes! - one of our specialist development companies will be able to assist you in getting your software completed in a most dynamic, innovative, cost-effective and quickest way possible - from large-scale credit insurance underwriting packages that manage billions of Dollars of risk, to small-scale e-commerce sites, we have companies that assist you every step of the way.


Q: I'm looking to invest, but I don't see any details about the companies that are looking for investment.  Why not? and why should I invest when there are no details available?

A: As you can appriciate, most of our concept companies have great ideas that many people would love to get their hands on.  So, to protect both our members and our investors, all our companies and projects have heavy non-disclosure agreements in place.  If you are interested in finding out more about investment opportunities into any of the companies, you are invited to sign and return our non-disclosure agreement to get the process started.

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