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Interchange ERP - Advanced, rapid, secure, streamlined


DSS’s has partnered with Blackwing to bring Interchange to the United States.  This agreement is fully supported by both DSS and the creators and integrator's at Blackwing, ensuring the DSS standard of 100% support, 100% compatibility and 100% client satisfaction.

What is Interchange?

Interchange is a fully functional and cost effective ERP system that allows for seamless, real-time, cross data source / platform, data analysis and systems enhancement. 

Interchange is a middle-ware designed to bring all of your systems together into a single data management point.  This consolidation of data allows our clients to easily analyze all aspects of their business (often from multiple software solutions written by multiple people) in a single tool, expanding it where necessary to ensure that their business remains at the top of the software game without the usual major expense.


Through the unique use of a proprietary scripting engine data extraction, comparison and manipulation can be customized at any level in the process, reducing both the cost and time of system expansion and analysis.


One system... All your data… Real time…

Click to download our fact sheet, or contact us for more information.

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