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What we do is exceptional.  Our company's skill and commitment is second only in importance to our amazing partners and affiliates who make the dreams happen.

Directors and partners

Mark Becking is a director of DSS and a partner in many other companies.  His portfolio is diverse, ranging from credit insurance, risk analysis to pneumatic product imporing and distributing.

Mark started his journey in South Africa in 1996.  He has worked with a diverse group of companies, including the likes of the Bidvest Group and KPMG (Forensic Audit).  After leaving KPMG he assisted in building many of the companies in the DSS portfolio.  In 2015 he and his family moved to the Unites States to further explore entrepreneurial opportunities in a country that thrives on his kind of innovative thinking and willingness to take a risk.

Mark is a Christian, husband, father, entrepreneur, innovator, business man and developer.


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