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Investors and investing

As with all successful start-up organisations, our companies get to a point where they need to extend their reach.  More often than not this requires investors.


At all stages during the development lifecycle of the company we welcome like-minded investors to become part of the company in various differrent ways, from purchasing equity to providing funds or providing "sweat" equity to fill a gap in our skills for a specific industry.


If you are interested in becoming an investor into any of our companies, please contact us and we will gladly assist and welcome you with the process.

Companies seeking investment

Company details and project scope


Membered In is an exclusive network of individuals who want to be recognised as more than a number.  Based on the concept of "Home is where they know my name", Membered In strives to return us to the era where we were known my our names, not by our social security number or our ID number or member numbers - Membered In is the first step in the De-Number revolution.


To do this we have enabled a device that can alert clients as our members approach.  Completly controlled by the member themselves, the devices react to the person being within the range of our Proximity Alert Unit ("PAU").  When the PAU detects one of our members, it alerts the clients staff as to the persons details, if they are within the acceptable location, if they are a child, in a wheelchair, etc.  The client's staff member can then react in a professional, direct and informed manner to assit our member.


Company details and project scope


AutoContact is a single, seamless contact management system.  From managing your contacts and linking directly to Microsoft Outlook or Google Apps, to creating videos directly online to publish to your social media networks like Google + and Facebook, to automating tweets and pins, we do it all.


Don't want to use our online designer to create emails.  no problem... simply create an email in your email editor (such as Microsoft Word, Microsoft Outlook, etc.) and send an email to your autocontact email address and it will automatically format it and load it to your account - ready to send or schedule at your discretion.


We are seeking legal councel and financial asistance in launching the product across the United States in May 2016.


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