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About us

As can be seen by our portfolio of companies, we are an extremely diverse company that designs and launches custom software around the world.

Our business is divided into 2 business models:

Direct software

For those businesses that are already established, we offer custom software solutions backed by extremely competent developers at very competitive prices.  We understand risk, security and confidentiality.  One of our key clients currently uses our software to underwrite over $4.6 billion in risk and is under 4 years old!  Our model revolves around a development fee and a continuing Service Level Agreement that not only gives you guaranteed support, but it also allows you to update and enhance your software without huge costs.

Equity software

Our secondary mandate is to enable small to medium business to launch their concepts with industry leading and innovative software designed specifically for the company at a fraction of the traditional cost of such software.  In exchange for the discounted software DSS takes an ownership in the company itself.

Fields of Expertise:
  • Conceptualisation and innovation

  • Software needs analysis

  • Graphic design and branding

  • Software design and architecture

  • Software development and support

  • Secure hosting services as required

  • Software support and enhancement

  • Infrastructure creation and networking

  • Network firewalling and security

  • Remote assistance and global support

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