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Company details and project scope


AutoContact is a single, seamless contact management system.  From managing your contacts and linking directly to Microsoft Outlook or Google Apps, to creating videos directly online to publish to your social media networks like Google + and Facebook, to automating tweets and pins, we do it all.


Don't want to use our online designer to create emails.  no problem... simply create an email in your email editor (such as Microsoft Word, Microsoft Outlook, etc.) and send an email to your AutoContact email address and it will automatically format it and load it to your account - ready to send or schedule at your discretion.


Company status


AutoContact is in the process of being developed.  Our team is currently designing all the components of the application and putting them together. 


A massive restriction of email marketing is the price a person needs to pay for decent images that can be included in their emails and web postings.  Concurrently with the development, our team is putting together our own clip-art and image library that our users are free to use with our system only – over 500 images are currently in the library and they are added to daily.  Our target it to launch with over 1000 images available for free use with AutoContact.


Our solution will launch in 3 phases - with the first 2 phases being used to live test our solution


Phase 1

Online contact management system and basic email based communication – ETA: 01 May 2017


  1. Allow full management of online contacts

  2. Enable automated eCards (for birthday, anniversary, Christmas, Easter, etc.)

  3. Enable eFlyers (Multiple stunning templates that can be customised and emailed)

  4. Enable mobile application that will alert our users when their clients have events that should be notified, including ability to ‘one-click send either text message or email.

  5. Enable AutoContact server and Amazon Web Services SES server to gain reputation.


Phase 2

Create automatic link to the following social media platforms: Facebook; Google+; Linked in; Pinterest; and Twitter – ETA: 01 July 2017


This link will enable users to manage all business-page social media accounts directly through AutoContact, including the ability to automate posting to friends and circles, and to post to their own profiles, including the ability to create photo-slideshows and upload videos.


Phase 3

Final systems update and full marketing launch, Google, Bing, Facebook and Linked-in advertising, including marketing and sales team launch. All systems go – ETA: 01 Aug 2017


Investment requirements


What we are lacking currently is the following:

1. Legal partner / provider to assist with any legal issues that may arrise.  Our terms and conditions and legal market research are complete, but we need a partner to ensure ongoing compliance.  Critical prior to launch of Phase 1

2. Graphic designer to create stunning templates for us.

3. Funding to support our marketing and sales plan - basically to hire staff to sell and support the product, and to invest in the various marketing plans.

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