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Praxi Manage - Financial Advisory Management solutions

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Praxi Manage launch confirmed
(1 July 2019).

Praxi manage is an innovative brokerage management solution that assists our clients in the day-to-day management of their financial advisory services company.

Based on our customized Lean software development life-cycle, Praxi offers a new injection of clarity to a previously over-complicated and stagnant industry.

With the completion of the Financial Needs Analysis tools by our actuarial and development team, Praxi Manage is now officially launching our lean project.  Our targets are not financial at the moment, but we're looking at adding 15 brokerages each month (that's about 20-30 new users each month for the rest of the year).  While these figures are not huge, it will allow us the ability to learn more about this previously dead industry.

For more information and to check if Praxi is available in your area, please visit

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